Is it right for me?

ALLEGRETTO WAVE expands the boundaries of candidacy for LASIK. However, there are certain people who are less than ideal candidates for LASIK and ALLEGRETTO WAVE Eye-Q. These patients are encouraged to speak with their doctor to find the best vision correction option:
• Under age 21
• Pregnant or nursing
• Glaucoma or high pressure (ocular hypertension)
• Keratoconus, a corneal irregularity
• Inflammation of the eye (uveitis, blepharitis, or iritis)
• Herpes simplex that has infected your eye
• Previous severe injuries to the eye
• Corneal scars or infections
• Unstable refraction
• Other diseases of the eye such as AMD, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, or others
• Patients with very large pupils, thin corneas, or dry eyes
• During the consultation with your doctor, please be sure to mention all medications you are taking and any medical conditions you have that might affect the success of laser correction